Monday, July 26, 2010

bee, far, dry

Posted by Picasa Spot the bee.

Out of a garden gate comes a little girl at full tilt pushing a doll's pram. "Get out of my way," she says to Heidi who is walking up the hill on the pavement. "She'll go far," says Heidi to her parents who emerge behind her. Laughs and benign smiles all round. Benign? Perhaps.

The dusty end of summer. The leaves, today,  though still green, are drier than a few weeks ago. Their whispering in the restless wind is more interesting than it was, more interested.


CC said...

Luscious red blossoms.

Lucas said...

Thanks for sharing bee
nestling at its work among
the deep red blossoms

The Crow said...

Are they snapdragons? My thirsty bees would love to had such lovely flowers to crawl into. You bee is heavily laden with pollen, too - rather comical view of bee bottom.

Lucy said...

What a cheeky bee!

What a horrid child!

Nimble said...

Ha! CC already posted my first reaction to that flower: lucious.