Monday, July 12, 2010

Posted by PicasaNasturtium time again. The photographer is captured in a trapped raindrop.

Pigeons nest in the wisteria above the front door of the house opposite, where the flowers have long been replaced by leaves.   In the  wisteria above our front door, a pigeon takes time off every now and then in a temporary nest.  It has become used to flying across the road for its break from domestic duties, but does not always expect to find us in residence. Today, for some reason, it flies under the arch of privet above our gate, and almost collides with me. I retreat not wishing to intrude in a routine where I play no part, except that of remote observer.

In this morning'sshower I set out  some cavalo nero (Italian kale), plants. The shower is not heavy enough to penetrate the layer of dust which the soil has become since the heatwave of the last few days. I help the new plants along with  canfulls of water. The thought of the water and the new roots meeting is  somehow pleasing and reassuring.

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The Crow said...

There is a touch of the erotic in that blossom's portrait, Plutarch.

Wonderful depth of color, too.