Friday, July 16, 2010

lime, weather, chewing gum

Posted by PicasaMid-summer seeds ripening for  Autumn flight.

A buffeting wind all day  pulls tufts of leaves from the trees in The Grove and throws them  untidily on the grass. It is a disturbing, invisible presence. But thrilling, too. Naughty.  It creeps up behind you, puffs in your face. Boo.

There are often surprises on the counter in the health shop in The High Street. Today it is Mayan Rain Forest chewing gum. Spearmint. And Organic. Of course. "I haven't tried it" says the health food lady, whose pale and transparent skin suggests a diet  almost exclusively of what she purveys; and whose jaw line suggests that she has masticated nothing  more challenging than a chickpea. 


Lucy said...

You are naughty about those good health shop people. When I worked in a vegetarian restaurant, I and many of my colleagues, who often were vegetarians, developed a pathological dislike of vegans. I remember someone saying 'have you noticed how they all wear big baggy cardigans to cover up how thin they are, with big pockets in to hold all the Kleenex they have to carry around because they've all got permanent colds?'

Unknown said...

You seem to be competing in naughtiness on this subject...And thick, wooly socks with sandals. You are right about permanent colds