Thursday, July 19, 2012

bud Shakespeare linguine

In the foreground a rosebud with  one visiting greenfly. In the back ground a section of the vegetable garden.
On the radio I hear someone talking about Robin Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. What I didn't realise was that he and his fellow detainees were forbidden reading matter - a terrible punishment. They managed however to smuggle into their cells a single copy of Shakespeare's plays which were read assiduously over the years.
This evening a seafood linguine made with scallops, prawns, clams and razor clams. The crustacea will be dressed in a cream sauce flavoured with dry Vermouth


Lucy said...

What I can see of your vegetable garden looks beautiful and orderly.

I like razor clams very much, having had them I think for the first and only time a year or two ago at a very simple, fairly remote restaurant run by and Italian - Spanish couple in south Morbihan, which mainly seemed to function as a pizza take-away for the local campsite, but where the fish and seafood was wonderful, fresh and hearty. I've yet to see them on sale anywhere round here. In French they're called 'couteaux'!

Unknown said...

I' ve enjoyed the tidiness in curios way lining up the veg likes toy soldiers.

I used to eat razor clams in Spain where they are called navajas literally razors. You find them grilled with a little olive oil and chopped garlic, as tapas. Worth a diversion.