Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sea front salsa fossicker

St Leonards' sea front where oldies can watch the sea from sheltered benches.

Salsa tonight. Easy I think. But I always forget how long it takes to chop and mix together the ingredients in the right proportions. Avocado, tomato, onion, chili, coriander, lime (peeled and chopped, not just the juice).  I test it as I go along, adjusting the ingredients, until the taste coincides with the way I remember it. It must I imagine have varied and changed with the years.

The ginger, almost orange cat, which I see in the vegetable gardens sometimes, appears this morning on top of the wheelie bins opposite which have been left out for collection. One of the bins is full and gapes open. Its lid  is raised like a shark's upper jaw. The cat investigates with its paw but the contents have been neatly packed in plastic waste bags. They seem impregnable.  After a while it jumps off and disappears in pursuit of fresh fields and pastures new. An inveterate fossicker, I share it disappointment.


Roderick Robinson said...

Fossicker - almost onomatopoeic.

The Crow said...

Fossicker...I like the sound of that; a new word for me - thanks!

I learned another new expression a couple of months ago: alter kocker.

Oh, the things we learn whilst cruising the Internet.

Unknown said...

Lorrenzo and Crow It is a good word. Its origin lies in Australian slang. I came across it and the verb to fossick in a town in New South Wales near the border with Queensland. It was in common use there to describe the passtime or profession of looking for opals which lay about in the nearby hills. It is now of course to be found in most English dictionaries.