Monday, July 30, 2012

go lost seeds

You can walk now across the road now. Or the globe. I like the way the green man glitters with energy and good intentions.

The other day I lose my passport. Perhaps mislay is a better word. It is on my desk when last I remember communing with it. When I return a couple of hours later it has gone. It should have been put it away in a drawer. But it it isn't there either. All sorts of possibilities cross my mind.  I look in the drawer below. And the one below that. Still no passport.  Perhaps I misfiled it and taking the file with me dropped the passport at the bank. I enquire but nothing is found. I even ask at the police station. No luck. I go through every file I possess. I wake up at night thinking about where I could have put it. Then this morning go through the likely places again. One drawer I haven't checked is the bottom drawer of the four drawers in the desk. Not there. But why not take out the drawer just in case - most unlikely scenario -  it has  slipped behind? And there it is, right at the back. Moral. Follow the logic of where a lost object should be rather than waste energy on  distant, random possibilities.

This is the time of year when the seeds of the lime tree across the road turn yellow, and anticipating autumn, float down in the wind, their crisp bracts spinning. Usually when they begin to accumulate  in the gutter like this  we are enjoying long summer days and the hints of autumn which they bring are not unpleasing. But this year when there has barely been any summer, they seem early and presumptuous.


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