Sunday, July 08, 2012

red exchange postponed

I hadn't thought much about traffic lights until recently but the closer you look at them the less they seem to have to do only with controlling traffic.

Some  freshly cut lettuces delivered  to a neighbour produces an unexpected response. I am handed a freshly roasted potato,  hot and crisp and tasting of chicken fat.

Here am I looking forward to Henry IV Part 1 on the television, only to find that at 9pm when it is advertised to begin, it is postponed. And why? An English tennis player is one of a pair playing in the mens' doubles final at Wimbledon. And the match goes on and on. I like tennis and despite  Dr Johnson's  observation that patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel, patriotic too. But there's a limit. Shakespeare an hour late stretches tolerance to the limit. I wonder if the bard would have had something caustic to unloose.


Lucy said...

Do you know it's coming on BBC4 at 9.00 tonight? Just e-mailed to tell you...

Roderick Robinson said...

We too were both bouleversé and then angry. Glumly we turned to the news at 10 pm only to find yet more tennis. "Try Channel 2," said Mrs LdP and there, just starting, was The Hollow Crown. Obviously, given that THC must have cost millions, a senior person must have stepped in.

Hope you're able to watch it. Marvellous performances by Jeremy Irons (the king), Simon Russell Beale (Falstaff) and, with a north-eastern accent, the actor who played Hotspur.