Saturday, September 22, 2007

new word, Eros, dry

In Allen Bennett´s new short novel called The Uncommon Reader, the Queen, who in her later life suddenly developes an enthusiasm for reading, says to her page, whom she calls her amenuensis: "...I´ve discovered what I am. I am an opsimath." And what is an opsimath? One who learns only late in life. I think that, like the Queen, as depicted here, I am an opsimath. Any one who likes books and who, as I do, likes to laugh out loud from sheer pleasure, should read this book.

There is an hydraulically operated bollard, which sinks into the road to allow permitted vehicles to enter a resticted area at one end of the little bay.Vehicles are equipped with electronic devices which operate the bollard. As soon as a vehicle has passed, the bollard rises again. Some children have caught on to this. They take it in turns to jump on to the smooth top of the bollard as a car moves off, and get a free lift.into the air. One, cleverly stands on one foot, leans forward, spreads his arms and pretends to be Eros.

There is a sudden, intense downpour, and as often happens here, all the streets, which lead down to the sea through the town , become torrents and waterfalls. We see a man, who has removed his shoes, protecting himself with two umbrellas, one with a tartan pattern and one black.


Lucy said...

Aren't we all opsimaths?

Lucas said...

Joyce loved the description of the barefooted man with two umbrellas;we are enjoying these posts very much.