Monday, September 17, 2007

seeds, words in words, holiday

Brown bunches of seeds on the lime tree, opposite our house, hang among the leaves which for the most part remain green.

I have a habit, probably a bad one, of spotting words buried in other words, and possibly even attaching significance to them. Something tells me that it is a sign of limited intelligence or schizophrenia or worse. This morning I wake up thinking of Verlaine. Would a French person, I wonder, consciously note, that the poet's name is made up of two other words - ver meaning worm, and laine, meaning wool ? Do we think for more than a moment about the composition of the name Wordsworth?

The pleasure of anticipating a holiday.


Rashmi said...

Ah yes... I share the pleasure of anticipation with you :-)... I'm off for a vacation with my parents and sister to Goa this weekend...

Unknown said...

Have a good time. We are in Spain, near Barcelona, a fabulous city.