Saturday, September 29, 2007

rituals, egrets, soft edges

Among the early morning rituals on the beach - the walkers at the water's edge, the exercisers, which I watch from our balcony - is a man who drags a folding sunbed close to the sea, in the same spot every morning, and builds a little wall of wet sand round it.

As we take off from Barcelona Airport, between the runways, I see ponds and reeds. Poking among the weeds are the white forms of egrets.

Walking through the Grove, I notice how objects, trees, people, benches, flowers, have mellow shades, and soft and unassertive outlines in contrast with the bright colours, sharp edges and brilliant textures of the Mediterranean. The autumn air this afternoon is like a very fine gauze.

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Lucy said...

Egrets are everywhere! I'll put some Breton ones up in a day or two.
It can feel very drab at first, the light, when you get back to it. Then I come to love it again and decide I wouldn't want to live with it otherwise.