Tuesday, September 11, 2007

wings, voices, scrolling

Among things that posess wings are: birds, butterflies, beatles, dragon flies, country houses, seeds, angels.

Today, I keep hearing recorded voices talking to me. In the post office, the same beautifully articulated, woman's voice announces to the queue that a cashier is free. "Cashier No 4", she says with emphasis on the 4. In the train, another woman's voice tells passengers the name of the next station, as it comes up. "The next station is .. " slight pause while the tape is adjusted "..Tunbridge Wells." When I telephone my on-line bank with a problem, a recorded voice, this time a man's, edited to sound as if it is a live human being, listening to and responding to my answers, asks the usual security questions. When the robot is satisfed, it puts me through to a real person.

On the train I watch a man with nothing else to do cradle his mobile phone in his hand. He runs through lists of contacts on the screen and eventually selects one to call in order to say where he is.


Lucy said...

'Wings' made my heart flip.

Unknown said...

I forgot to include dragons.