Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hosta, young, paint-balling

Posted by Picasa Think of hostas and you think of their sculptural leaves. Their flowers don't last long, but these, I think, deserve their 15 minutes.

When I look in for the paper, "It's not in yet, young man," says the newsagent to me, though I am several years his senior. I recall learning from a Spanish friend that in Spain it is in order to address a stranger, a waiter for example, as joven, provided that you are older than he is.

In Grosvenor precinct, two beefy young men and a young women are recruiting for paint- balling - a military game, played in designated areas of countryside, where you shoot the enemy with balls of paint instead of bullets. As I pass, we glance at one another with a marked lack of interest on either side.


tristan said...

lovely picture

Lucy said...

Perky waitresses have been known to address Tom as 'jeun'homme', which gratifies him greatly!