Saturday, July 05, 2008

mustard, child-friendly, 2 minutes

Among the mixed salad leaves which I sow every year, there is always a variety of mustards. The flowers are too often overlooked.

While in the garden I hear, from the pavement on the far side of the hedge, a woman say loudly into a mobile phone: "...The house is not child-friendly...He's going to spend two weeks with a seven year year old. How in God's name..?" Because she is walking so fast, we are robbed of further details of what could be an intriguing story.

In a You Gov survey I am asked this question: "Have you READ a national daily newspaper within the last 12 months? The question is qualified by the words: " By READ we mean looked at for at least 2 minutes in any location".
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Roderick Robinson said...

Time enough to make the decision that matters about The Daily Mail.