Saturday, October 11, 2008

late, bag, chicken

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As with yesterday's maple leaf, it was hard to resist snapping this dandelion clock. There was, a sense of fellow feeling perhaps for its tattered quality and loss of adornments. Can a dandelion clock be fast or slow? Or just a little weary?

In the wind and bright sunshine, a plastic bag, transparent and without print or insignia, inflates and rises above the the High Street. With its two handles trailing behind it, it floats, like a flying jelly fish, above traffic and pedestrians.

At the farmers' market, I buy a chicken and ask the farmer about its provenance. "We have 10 acres for the chickens," he says, " and they peck around for worms among the bluebells." So pleased am I with the picture of chickens and bluebells that I omit to ask what they do for background when, as at this time of year, the bluebells are not in evidence.

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Lucas said...

I think this clock is slow - Summer not going, just lingering. Joyce and I like both this one and the one of the leaf, so perfect in form and rich in colour.