Thursday, October 02, 2008

sky, parrot, soup

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There was a lot of sky on view from our balcony while on holiday. It was usually blue, but sometimes there were dramatic cloudscapes by way of relief.

There is a noisy blue parrot which lives nearby. It usually squawks at the top of its bird voice, but the other day, it made me laugh out loud, as I passed by, when it took up a human voice, or rather several. Its vocabulary on this occasion was limited to the word "hullo" and sometimes "hullo, there". But what appealed to me was the variety of characters it introduced. There was a deep, slight cockney "hullo," then a rather goofy "hullo 'da" rather like Eccles in the Goon Show. Then a silly, little girl voice, and finally a rather posh grown woman. I'm still laughing I think, at the oddity of it.

A beautiful soup made from butternut squash, leek and wet walnuts, a blended, creamy golden soup, a beautiful thing.

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