Saturday, May 09, 2009

ladies' smock, finding, real life

Posted by Picasa Also known as cuckoo flower. You can't see its basal leaves here, but they are similar to those of water cress, to which it related. It is similar, but has different leaves to Dames Violet.

There is a pleasure in finding something which you have lost, particularly when you happen upon it by chance. I put my hand into an oblong box of tissues, and there is the Parker roller ball pen, with its cool aluminium barrel, which I lost the other day and had momentarily forgotten about. I feel it on top of the tissues and recognise it before I bring it to light.

For the second time, I meet a friend from cyber space, whom I have not met before in person. I have long read Marja-Leena's blog and enjoyed, on the screen, her prints and photographs, which are so concerned with textures of rock and stone, cave paintings and inscriptions carved by nature. To meet her and her husband, Fred, during their visit to England, seems to make distance disappear, or at least lose importance - a wonder when you think of the distance between Vancouver and Tunbridge Wells.

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