Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Still life at the Farmers' Market.

A long, black, sausage-shaped balloon, about 30 ft long, bobs and writhes in the wind. It must be filled with some kind of gas. A man hangs on to one end, which children sport around it.

Another relic from King Charles' School: "Page 347 of the King Charles' School Log Book (school records) for the period between 18 75 and 1897 shows the following:
Birched C Hambley for truant playing. This step was taken by the desire of his mother but I have little hope of any good resulting as the mother at home connives at his absence and unless the parents use their power for the benefit of the boy a good birching is not likely to make the school attractive to him. We find that boys who attend regularly like school, but as soon as they are allowed, as in this case, to ride about in a butchers' cart two or three days a week school become more distasteful than birching.


The Crow said...
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Lucas said...

Excellent photo - I likw the caption.

Roderick Robinson said...

The phrase "not likely" suggests genuine humanity, a fairly rare quality among the birching classes. The majority seemed to believe that you could be birched into liking something. I wonder if they could be birched into liking not birching.