Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Today's starling. When you look at it closely, it turns out to be a prettier bird than you expect.

The atomic ingredients of life consist of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. So I read and imperfectly understand, but it is pleasing to find such a great subject wrapped up in so a simple statement.

In the street, I meet a woman who helps out in Hall's bookshop. She greets me and introduces her son, at a guess about 9 years old. To my surprise he proffers his hand to shake. I am as surprised as I am pleased by this traditional courtesy in one so young.


Roderick Robinson said...

In Drefféac we were visiting the menuisier and his wife, and the two-year-old granddaughter arrived. When we left she was required to embrace us. Her expression was one in which alarm and fortitude were mixed. Eyes wide, she performed her obligations with a grace I doubt I've ever seen in a British child. Or adult, come to that.

Unknown said...

The Mother of the polite young man was in Hall's bookshop this afternoon. When I told how impressed I had been by her son's formal handshake, she said: "He takes that kind of thing very seriously."