Saturday, May 30, 2009

no hands, delivery, pole

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Tunbridge Wells West railway station was opened in 1866 and closed to passengers in 1985. For the last few years the station building served as a restaurant. During the process of its restoration under new ownership, the hands of the clock have disappeared. The tower helped earn the station the title of the St Pancras of the Weald in its early days. Since the closure there is no direct access by rail to Brighton and Eastbourne on the Sussex coast, though it is still possible to travel to the coast by rail on the main line from Charing Cross to Hastings. Film buffs who recall the sinister hand-less clock in Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece Wild Strawberries, may wonder whether the hands of the station clock will soon be restored.

A young man delivers free magazines door to door in Berkeley Road. The magazines are tidily stacked in a push chair. In the push chair, as though a chance incumbent, is a sleeping baby.

A squirrel, which has strayed our of the Grove, hesitates at the foot of a telegraph pole in a residential street. It looks up, decides against the venture, and scurries off to find something closer to a tree to run up. Disappointed, meanwhile, I put my camera away. You can forget a squirrel half way up a tree but one half way up a telegraph pole ...A nice thought!

The second


marja-leena said...

Something is strange with this post, Plutarch, at least the way it appears to me: a large white space after the main text, then the words 'The second' at the end, as if another paragraph got aborted.

Anyway, just wanted to ask if your squirrels run along the power lines? Ours do, and it's very entertaining to watch.

The Crow said...

The train station clock tower is a lovely piece of architecture, and I like the mystery of the missing hands.

Saw a photo of the London St. Pancras tower: very ornate, like yours better.