Wednesday, September 21, 2011

boots parakeets garden

For my birthday I receive a pair of boots of which the soles are made with the same material as Pirelli rubber tyres. When I come to wear them I will know what it is like to be a car.

From the balcony I hear and see parakeets flashing past among the palm fronds.

Our friend, Artur tells us that the garden of his house where we dined recently, though by no means extensive, in the days when it belonged to his grandparents, housed a pig and some chickens and was used to cultivate a variety of vegetables. A contrast with the raked gravel and bubbling pool which we enjoyed in his company the other day.


CC said...

Vroom, vroom!!
(That's "car" for Happy Birthday!

:~) CC

Lucy said...

Happy birthday Joe!

marja-leena said...

Happy Brithday, Joe!

The other day I saw an ad to recycle the rubber soles on old shoes to, guess what...make rubber tires!