Friday, September 23, 2011

collared gum skate

 Before leaving for Sitges I photographed these collared doves (top picture) in The Grove. In Sitges collared doves live in the date palms outside our window. Here is one of them.  With their soft, browny grey feathers, they are among the prettiest of birds. So different from their coarse pigeon cousins.

According to the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, 20 million people in the UK chew more than 935 million packs of gum every year. Such a fact if it is true could come in useful.

The sea front in Sitges is still in my mind. A young man on a skate board appears to be pulled along by the Alsatian dog that he holds on a lead. If the dog is not pulling him he has only to gently with one foot at rare intervals even as the slope of the promenade begins to become steeper.
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CC said...

Your Collared Doves are so beautiful and another revelation. Never knew they existed. Thanks!!