Thursday, September 08, 2011

tortoise, top deck, greeting

Posted by Picasa On the look out. When I examine the photograph I spot the similarity between the tortoise's head and the head of a bird, which I didn't notice when taking the photograph. I  can also admire the polish and the wear and tear evident on the creature's carapace, something I also missed when I was fussing with the camera.

On my way back from Sevenoaks the bus, usually nowadays, a single-decker is a double decker bus today. I ride on the top deck from where I can look over hedges into fields and down on top of bus shelters.

In Sutherland Road two young women appear to greet me: "Hello. How are you?" I don't recognise them but that often happens nowadays. People, sheltering behind similar haircuts and clothing,  tend to look the same  I make appropriate noises, but not too obviously.  Just as well. In fact I am unaware that a friend of theirs is just a few steps behind me. I walk on, somehow relieved as the street explodes in a chorus of exclamations.


Lucy said...

Lovely tortoise, look at her scaly feet! Whose is she?

herhimnbryn said...

Double decker buses! Oh joy! Whenever I am back in the UK, I take a DDB to Canterbury and sit on the top deck in the front seat (if available). Bliss.

Unknown said...

Lucy We met her a few months ago trying to climb some steps and gave her a hand. Clever of you to know its sex! When you consider that...
The turtle lives 'tween plated decks,
Which partially conceal its sex.
It is a wonder that the turtle
In such a fix can be so fertile.

Herhimbryn Good to hear from you again. There a still double deckers in London, but for a long time we have been mourning the loss of the Routemasters with their open platforms at the rear. Nowadays you can leave and enter only when the doors are opened by the driver.