Wednesday, September 07, 2011

fishing, food, random

Posted by Picasa Fishing has its attractions undoubtedly. I have tried it and felt the hope and the thrill of a catch. But there is part of me that doesn't like the idea of killing any fish or animal when you are not hungry and in need of a meal. Isaak Walton whose book on fishing I have admired rather than read in detail, meanwhile has nothing to say about boredom. Obviously he never experienced it while fishing.

In the dentist's waiting room a tetchy, elderly woman enters shepherded by her solicitous son. "Now where are you going to sit?" he asks. "Not there, it's too high..."Here?" That's too scratchy".  Having seated her he says: "What do you want to read?" "I don't want anything to read." "Yes you do. How about this?"  "No, that's about food. I don't like food."

I don't often look back over the list of three titles with which I habitually headline these posts. I have always allowed the random to prevail and enjoyed the unplanned contrast of subject matter side by side by side, which adds to the pleasure I get from noting daily life in this idiosyncratic way. But the irrational flow of subjects catches my eye and I have a little kick of satisfaction at the apparent craziness of juxtaposition, rubbish blown by the wind into a meaningless heap of discrete meanings.
The last 12 set of heading (starting with the earliest) are as follows;
hollow barking window
tiles wagtail difference
feet flying screaming
peeling Frisbee madness
pears crow shopping
petals free connected
open unlucky Burgundy
apple purple icecream
apple festival heels
leaf Frisbee enough
courgette surprise value
promenade smile herbs


The Crow said...

I think my favorite string is "hollow barking window." Oh , the thoughts and images that string conjurs.

My second favorite is "pears crow shopping." How many crows did they buy, do you suppose?

CC said...

Love reading them all!

marja-leena said...

Amazing what happens when you leave out the punctuation.

I was never fond of catching fish, but the pleasure of being in a boat with my father, on a lovely quiet river is a fond memory from my childhood, boredom forgotten.

Lucy said...

I often think fishermen must have attained some higher state of meditative enlightenment to have apparently passed beyond boredom in the way they have. I remember a programme about a youngster badly afflicted by Tourette's syndrome, and the only time he was free of it was when he was fishing.

I very much like your found poem of post titles; I thnk you should lift the curse and open the unlucky Burgundy right away!

Unknown said...

The C, CC, M-l Have you ever tried ignoring the divisions of type on a page of news print, and reading right across the gap from the line of one story into another. The result can be amusing.

What does come across from Walton is that, he says, fishing is never boring because while you are waiting for a bite, you are communing with nature. But you can commune with Nature without fishing.