Thursday, March 15, 2012

scrap stars wren

Posted by PicasaSpreads from my evolving scrapbook.

In the village of Bray near Maidenhead on the River Thames there are two famous restaurants. The Fat Duck and the longer established Waterside, each has three Michelin stars. While waiting to be treated to  lunch at one of them, I am reminded  that  this means that 50 per cent of the three Michelin star restaurants in the UK are to be found in this once modest place. Four hours later we emerge from The Fat Duck after being presented with food  that might have been crafted in the kitchens of a fairy-story castle.  Grain Mustard Ice cream in a Red Cabbage Gazpacho, Jelly of Quail with Crayfish Cream, and Salmon Poached in Licorice Gel are among the 15 fanciful courses on the menu all with unprecedented concentrations of flavour. The selection of wine includes Puligny Montrachet, a Ribera del Duero  and Château D'Yquem. Neither we, nor our generous hosts, are in the  meantime entirely sure where we are. Fortunately there is a car to fly us home.

This morning as I pass the cherry tree not yet in blossom a noisy song issues from one of its branches. It is astonishing that so much sound could be created by a bird not much bigger than a butterfly. It is unmistakeably a wren. As I have known since childhood, it is Britain's smallest bird. But clearly  not its quietest.


marja-leena said...

An intirguing and lovely scrapbook, Joe.

Roderick Robinson said...

Aha! What do I see? I see evidence of someone terrified that they're going to forget the first course as they take a fork to the fifth (with six more to go). Evidence of a little surreptitious notebooking. I know the feeling well, together with another feeling - one of desperation. What was that like? I would ask Mrs LdP. "All right" she would reply, mischievously. No, no, no. I need more and better adjectives, plus some nouns. Theatregoer, the magazine I was briefly restaurant critic for, is now no more and our dinings out can now follow a more leisurely course.

CC said...

I was just watching a tiny Sparrow on a naked tree branch on 18th Street also singing so loudly in comparison to his size.
Everything "Spring" is popping out here over month early. Hope some flowers are waiting until May.

Unknown said...

M-L Thanks As I indicated earlier your Christmas card features. I must not become a scapbook bore.

L d P Fortunately we were issued with a crib for food and wine. My concern about being boring forbids me from making use of it in providing more and better adjective and nouns in the context of this meal. Also the exposure of this style of cooking on the tv has rubbed off some of its novelty.

CC Robins, English robins that is, are also small birds with disproportionally lound voice.