Friday, March 30, 2012

swans netted lollo rosso

Line astern at Groombridge.

Last year pigeons devoured the young pea plants almost as I set them out. Every morning when I raise the blind I watch two pigeons which sit on the parapet of the roof opposite. I wonder if they are the culprits. I enjoy watching them looking down and moving their heads from side to side as if indicating a negative when really  they are looking to see what is happening below. Now I no longer resent their presence. My new pea plants sit safely under a net.

A  packet of seed comes through the letter box from a neighbour. The seed, from the Royal Horticultural Society,  is the Italian salad,  lollo rosso - could be a film star. It is  a very thin packet. But in keeping with my new resolution to sow thinly and where possible in trays for transplanting, I manage to fill a  tray composed of small plug sized compartments with the fine pale seeds.

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CC said...

Love the swans....