Thursday, March 08, 2012

signatures grass bag

Posted by Picasa I have photographed this wall in Monson Road outside the College where adult and other students congregate and leave signs of their presence once before. Many of the students come to Tunbridge Wells to learn English and doubtless English habits.

 In Mount Sion, the smell of cut grass and the sound of a lawn mower is a sign of Spring. It is a warm afternoon when people want to be out of doors.  As I move out of earshot I hear a woman's  carrying voice. Its owner is sitting on a bench in The Grove talking on a mobile phone.  You rarely hear anyone speaking quietly into a mobile in the tone of voice  they might use to someone sitting beside them. She must be 100 a yards away. My how her voice carries! Another sign of Spring perhaps.
An unexpected present from Geoff is a collapsible plastic bucket designed for growing potatoes but intended in this instance for carrots. Now I remember him telling me about his method of sowing carrots in these bags when I told him of my problems with  trying to growing in the soil. This year, I am determined, will be the year of the carrot.

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The Crow said...

The Year of the Carrot - now, that's a grand title for a poem, I think.

Or, perhaps, a murder mystery.