Monday, November 12, 2012

relationships lunch thick and thin

Having few pretensions to being a photographer I use the camera  almost daily to make pictures which reflect my surroundings as best I can. Recently it has occurred to me that my pictures are largely in narrow focus examining the shape and the texture of objects rather than  their context and relationships in a broader, panoramic  field. Hence this picture of the up and down platforms on Tunbridge Wells Station.

Definition of a good lunch when guests arrive before 1 o'clock and leave at 5 o'clock, and both hosts and guests believe that it is only 4 o'clock when they leave.

Market research based on a sample of four people  in the Italian deli called Arte Bianca reveals that men like thick slices of ham and women thin.


Roderick Robinson said...

We should exceed that at both ends on the fifth.

Unknown said...