Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bleak House, book in post, solar system

I started reading Bleak House, before I knew it was going to be serialised on TV. So I have resisted following the serialisation. At first it was tough going and I am pleased to be reading rather than watching it. Among the things on tele you miss are passages like this: "We have often noticed .... how there was a steep hollow near, where we had once seen the keeper's dog dive down into the fern as if it were water."

An unexpected book arrives in the post. It is: Lost Worlds What Have We Lost, And Where Did It Go? by Michael Bywater. It's about all the things we have lost.

A Christmas present for grandson, Josh, is a kit to make a mobile, representing the solar system, which glows in the dark. Might keep it for myself.

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