Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas morning, tingo, turkey

In the street early: the houses in the early light are silent, the curtains still closed. I imagine that the only activity must be children exploring the contents of their Christmas stockings.

The Meaning of Tingo still exerts its pull. What does tingo itself mean? It is a Pascuense word from Easter Island meaning "to borrow things from a friend's house one by until there's nothing left."

Preparing Christmas dinner is always a pleasure. There are always two stuffings in the turkey. One is a conventional chestnut stuffing, made this year with the addition of finally chopped, fried streaky bacon and parsley. The second stuffing is based on pearl barley, to which are added: chopped, dried apricots, pepperdew peppers, morrocan pickled lemons, and chopped meat from the neck and giblets of the bird. Pine kernals are intended by I forget to add them.

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