Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Families, aerials, calm

One of my Christmas presents was Alan Bennett's Untold Stories. Although I have only just started it, I have to copy this into my notebook: "Every family has a secret and that secret is that it's not like other families."

I like the way that birds perch on aerials. It's as though the technology is of no importance; digital signals and the like mean nothing. Someone or something has introduced these tree-substitutes into a landscape of rooftops, but for them it is part of the way their world is made.

There is sort of hush in the streets, though there are sales shoppers everywhere: it's a sort of calm, between the storm of Christmas and the whirlwind of New Year's Eve, and the ensueing barreness of bleak January and February.

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Lucas said...

Your observation about birds and aeriels reminds me of the phenomenon of birds pecking through milk bottle tops to drink the milk.
Thanks also for the angel with the"rusted wing".