Friday, December 30, 2005

A day for everything, ivy, green tea

In today's Independent, a calendar of all the special days and weeks planned for the coming year includes:Green Transport Week; Spam Appreciation Week; Day of Older Persons; World UFO Day; Kissing Day; Smile Day; and Orgasm Day. Some of the more unusual ones make me think that it is a joke, but the more prosaic, some of which ring a bell, seem to confirm that it is real. But how and with whom do you register these events?

As I walk about Mount Sion in gusts of thin, cold rain, I wonder what there can be left in the shrunken world that is beautiful. Then I see ivy seed-heads on a wall, with raindrops on some of the seeds, like star bursts.

After the excess, the delicate experience of a mug of green tea.

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