Friday, April 14, 2006

Candles, woodruff, matt-forming, warmth

There a quite a few magnolia trees near us. They are currently sporting tall, upright buds which look like candles - more like candles than the horse-chestnuts, which come later and whose flowers are usually compared to candles.

A good many years ago we planted sweet woodruff under the hedge which fronts the house on two sides. The intention was that it should spread the full length of the hedge and create a long carpet of tiny, white flowers in late Spring. There are still a few gaps, so I was glad to see a plant in a pot at the WI market, which will help to fill them. If you dry the leaves, they smell of new-mown hay, and may be added to summer drinks.

The promised sunshine comes late today, not until the afternoon; but when it does, after some showers, it is warm; and warm is really appreciated, after the chill winds and the snow of a few days ago. In the Grove, buds are opening and children appear in the playgound, as though drawn out by the same, unaccustomed heat.

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