Saturday, April 08, 2006

Out of Africa, invisible feet, bare branches

At the farmers market, I bump into Clare Grant, the inventer of the "three beautiful things" approach to web logging. Over a cup of coffee, she gives me a brief account of her 12-week African odyssey and some of the beautiful and less than beautiful things that happened during it.

In a the window of an outfitters in Mount Pleasant, a headless lay figure is equipped with a man's jacket, some blue jeans and a pair of sandles, but the sandles are arranged beneath the jeans without benefit of feet. Or the feet are invisible.

The branches of trees are still bare, and their shadows distinct. I realize that the shape of the branches, so intriguing to look at and to draw, will soon disappear, to give way to the swarming canopies of summer.

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Clare said...

Dang, I was going to put meeting YOU as one of my beautiful things, but you've beaten me to it.