Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reversing, more signs of spring, last year's spuds

A dustbin truck, one of those, which chews up the refuse from mechanically tipped wheelie-bins, bears down on me as it reverse from Little Mount Sion into Berkeley Road. A recorded voice tries to gain my attention over the noise of the engine. As I dodge out of the way, I realize it is saying: "Danger: reversing vehicle."

At this time of the year anticipated flowers appears on the triangular flower-bed or shrubbery known locally as "the village green", in the form of the yellow, star-shaped lesser celandine, and the bright green petal-like bracts, surrounding the small green flowers of euphorbia.

Digging over last year's potato patch, I collect a bowl full of small King Edwards, which I missed when lifting them last year.

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