Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chewable toothbrush, suprised by Elgar, wild garlic

In Stanstead airport gents, I resist the invitation to brush my teeth with a "chewable toothbrush". The sign above the dispenser says; "Chew and dispose. Cleans teeth. Freshens breath". You get two for £1.

I enter a Munich taxi with Caroline Bush. The driver has the radio on. We continue talking and over our conversation, I am surprised and a little moved to hear the strains of Pomp and Circumstance. The driver is amused by the coincidence. "Elgar," he says.

In several of the restaurants where we eat, I notice that wild garlic is on the menu. As in this country, but I think for rather longer in Germany, the early leaves of the wild flower, which we also call ramsons, has been in fashion with chefs. In Germany it is known as Baerlauch (I wish I knew how to do umlouts and accents on this system). I taste a smooth green, slightly spicey soup modulated by cream and stock.

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tristan said...

aren't all toothbrushes chewable, or is it only me ?