Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blue Angel, green asparagus, hedge connects

DVDs of old black and white films sometimes astonish by keeping you glued to the screen. So it is with The Blue Angel in which a young Marlene Dietrich sings, Falling in Love Again for the first time, and succeeds in vamping and, in the end, destroying the poor old school teacher who falls for her.

Freshly picked green asparagus from the farmers' market is vegetable perfection for supper yesterday evening with sweet Italian ham and a little melted butter.

The arch, which I have been hoping for when the two sides of the 8ft hedge on either side of the front gate make contact, is about to take shape.

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rhea said...

you know, its strange- there was a movie called mughal-e-azam, a classic of the indian film industry, which was converted through technology from blck and white to dazzling clour, i watched the songs on tv, the colour looked real... but everyone who saw the film said the wanted it in black and white again... what can i say? old is gold?