Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Starlings' nest, grass in seed, dog's pub

So intrusive have been the blackbirds with their fluent song and their territorial squabbles, that I have not mentioned the starlings. They are nesting in the space on top of a corinthian column embedded in the wall of one of the two houses opposite (we look out in two directions). Compared with the blackbirds they lead a respectable middle class existence bringing up their family with determination and energy. The capital of this column could have been designed specifically for starlings to nest in.

The grass in the Grove has not been mowed for a time and it is going to seed in places, a pleasing sight in an orderly context.

Outside the Grove Tavern there is a plastic container, on which are written the words: "Water for Dogs". This is a rare facilty in this country, but I noticed, when we were in Munich, that Gasthouses (more or less the equivalent of pubs) nearly all provide such a service .

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