Saturday, May 13, 2006

Playing the game,argument, dandelion moon

A little boy is playing hide-and-seek with his father. The little boy covers his eyes as dad runs towards a tree to hide behind it. The little boy takes his hands away from his eyes as soon as dad has turned his back, and watches him hide, a naughty smile on his innocent face.

Reading this morning Bouvard and Pecochet by Gustave Flaubert, I note this vignette from a description of one of those arguments which occur in France, and which the French enjoy ridiculing as much as taking part in. "The notary stopped him and raising himself at each word on to the tips of his toes, said: 'I find your system completely immoral....'". The motion described contains the essence of a certain sort of comic behavior, ridiculous because the person performing it is taking himself so seriously, that he cannot see how daft he must look.

I spy on top of a high wall a dandelion clock. It rises into the sun and the perfect seed-head shines agains the blue sky like a full moon. I don't have my camera so have now to content myself with a verbal photo.

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Lucas said...

I've been guided by your records to note the large triangle outside work where first there were daffofils, then dandelions, now dandelion clocks.