Monday, May 08, 2006

Lovage, raindrop train, shadow bluebells

Lovage is sometimes called sea parsley,though leaves resemble those of celary. It has come up looking strong and healthy in the vegetable garden. With its slightly bitter flavour it needs to be used sparingly in salad, but makes a sterling soup. Soften a chopped potato, a chopped onion and a good handful of lovage, in butter; add chicken stock until the vegetables are ready to liquidise or to push through a sieve. A little lemon juice with salt and pepper fine tunes the taste, and a good dollop of double cream gives an unctious finish.

Through the bedroom window, this morning, I watch raindrops running along the telephone wire, pearly bright, constantly moving, like the cabins of an overhead cable car.

Bluebells grow in partial shade and and when not growing in woodland, the flowers conform to the pattern of shadows cast by individual trees. When there is no sun the flowers indicate the area where shadows would have been.

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Lucas said...

The bluebells at work are still going well. The blue and white in vases - one of the vases is a curious design, a leaning vase, like the leaning tower of Pisa.