Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pigeon in the net, alternative destination, thistle

To deter pigeons, they have suspended netting from the roof structure of Charing Cross Station. One pigeon must have got through and, sad to say, is now suspended, dead and shrunken, by a wing from the netting. Its little head hangs down, curled over like the hook of a clothes hanger, and its little claws clasp the air.

I like hearing the announcement for the Hastings train which ends its journey at a place called Ore. You hear: "... West St Leonards, StLeonards Warrior Square, Hastings and/or".

They are refurbishing a house which abuts on the Grove, which explains, why beside a recently planted magnolia on the grass by the wall of the house, rises a magnificent, four-foot high thistle, with a stem about an inch in diameter.

1 comment:

Lucas said...

Och! There's noo gud refurbishment wi'out a thistle!