Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gift of silence, crown, idols

Mary Wesley only started writing novels after the age of 70. Her recent biography is being reviewed at the moment. Her son , Toby Eady, says of her: "Her greatest beauty was her gift of silence: you did not have to talk with her. When she spoke you heard and when she was silent, you listened."

The last of the magnificent, almost white poppies in our garden has shed its petals. But it still retains its stamens, which curl up like the edges of a crown from the ovary with its clearly marked placentas radiating from the centre, which also recalls the structure of a crown.

Quote of day. Flaubert again, and no apologies. "To denigrate those we love, always removes them a little from us. One should not touch idols: the gilding sticks to you hands."

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