Thursday, June 15, 2006

shop talk, white peony, scent of rosemary

In the the train, a man and a woman on their way to a meeting are talking or rather gossiping shop. The woman has an ear for this particular lingo. Distracted from my sudoku, I make the following notes of the phrases he and she employ:
Nature of the beast
Not in the real world
Nine years she used to be there. Didn't get a party, a gift or anything.
An addictive victim
Like a rabbit in the headlight
Took a pension for a job he was never qualified to do.
They're milking the charity for everything
He charges for the car then he charges for the train ... the greediest little tike I've ever met.
He loves cleaning windows
She's too busy to see me before the end of August.

A neglected flower-bed beside an untidy house has a gorgeous white peony, with several fluffy flowerheads rising out of the weeds.

This evening I trim back the rosemary. It releases a spicy scent on my hand, which makes me think of a Mediterranean hillside.

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