Thursday, June 29, 2006

Parsley, serve and volley, lysimachia

The green, bitter smell of parsley brings reality to the dream-world of perfumes.

In the match between Rafael Nadal( seeded no 2) and Robert Kendrick (seeded 237) which goes to five sets, at Wimbledon today, it is a pleasure to see Kendrick running up to the net and volleying directly after serving - an unusual practice nowadays and a style of tennis which restores excitement to a game made tedious by rallies from the baseline.

At the WI market I identify the flower which shed it yellow petals on our black dining table on Tuesday. It is lysimachia vulgaris. Nobody will really care but it pleases me to have put a name to it.


Lucas said...

I have very much enjoyed this week's postings. The woman sunbathing by the station and the civilly disobedient gardeners in the Grove are both pleasingly eccentric for different reasons.

Lysimachia must surely be a Serve-and-Volley kind of flower!

Unknown said...

The whole point about Lysimachia vulgaris is that it is ordinary and does not really deserve a great deal of attention except when it lets fall its petals on a black table. Serve and volley? No. Try some of the more "in your face" hybrid tea roses.

Lucas said...

Yes - yellow petals on a black table. My apologies to Lysimachia!