Monday, June 05, 2006

sleeping cat, floral litter, shades of green

The black and orange cat who comes to the vegetable garden is asleep when I arrive this morning. She lies with her head in the shade and her body in the sun, and her forepaws resting on the the lowest bar of the fence. I am there for at least two hours and in all this time she doesn't move, though she does open her eyes once to have a look at me.

On the the newly cut grass the white petals of poppies and the red petals of roses make a litter which is more or less acceptable.

In the sunshine you notice the bright green where the sun falls on the grass and the dark green in the shade. Within the tree the outer leaves catch the sun the inner leaves grow darker and become verdurous glooms. "Verde que te quiero verde".


rhea said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, i'd all but given up n any one coming to see it at all! anyhow, i just visited the uk, so i think i understand what ur saying better than i would have if i was just here in my chair in mumbai... ive replied to what u said by the way! ciao! nice to have made ur acquaintance!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! )