Sunday, November 19, 2006

500th entry, moving photo, separate leaves

This is the 500th Best of Now entry. The idea, which I took in June 2004 from Clare Grant's Three Beautiful Things (still going strong and in its third year), I interpret in this way. It is to take note of what is going on around you, and to bear in mind that you want to record only what gives pleasure - what, in one sense or another - is beautiful. There should be as little interference as possible from received ideas, aesthetic clap trap and political drivel. Above all because you are looking for things, which amuse and delight, you can afford to be positive without being sentimental or stupidly optimistic about the world. Having three things to note means that you can contrast and balance your choice, and so reflect the richness of daily life. It is not hard to note three beautiful things, but knowing that you have to look out for them brings each day into a sharp focus. It becomes a habit, which is a beautiful thing in itself.

A photograph, which I have taken of a pomegranite, when I upload it onto the computer screen, swims around like a fish before settling into a permanent place. I wonder if I am suffering a dizzy spell, until I realize that I have used the video facility on my camera without meaning to ( I have not used it before) and the swimming fruit was the result of my moving the camera to find the most suitable angle.

The separate leaves, which still cling to branches, shiver and shake and jerk about in the breeze, as though they are in a hurry to be free.


Stella said...

Congratulations! I was directed to your site via Clare and have added both to my daily routine. Encouraged by both I am pleased to report I have three days of blogging under my own belt. (A Small and Satisfying Life). A news story reported the other day that the world is communicating more than ever and isn't that a beautiful thing?

Lucas said...

Joyce and I would like to add our congratulations on your 500th entry on Best of Now.
This is a good moment to appreciate the unique quality of daily blogging with the rationale and framework that you and Clare have given it.

Clare said...

Congratulations. I love your account of what 3BT is all about. To quote my old English teacher:
'You've hit the nail on the head in a nutshell.'

I have been wondering, as I think have many readers, why 3BT and all the others don't slip into sentimentality. I think you are right about 'Things which amuse and delight.' I shall carry that with me.