Monday, November 20, 2006

where? bicycle rack, foregiveness

A young woman shouts into her mobile: "I'm in Liverpool train station". She is on the concourse of Charing Cross in London.

For the first time I notice a bicycle rack outside the town hall. It consists of two minimalist bicycle shapes constructed out of aluminium tube. Each has two spokeless wheels, a saddle, a crossbar and a steering column. . You leave your bicycle between them.

Under "foregiveness" in his commonplace book, An Uncertain World, W. H Auden includes the following:
Priest: Do you forgive your enemies?
Spaniard: I have no enemies. I have shot them all.


Clare said...

This entry made me laugh out loud -- glad I wasn't at work!

I spotted those two bikes a couple of weeks ago -- two boys walking up the steps spotted them too and raced over to climb on them and set off on pretend cyclerides. Their very dignified grandparents laughed at them. I can't believe I didn't 3BT this at the time!

tristan said...

once i phoned the job centre to say i'd be late signing on ... i was on the station in valencia