Wednesday, November 22, 2006

time to get up, clip-on bird, crayon box

At this time of year, I watch the light enter the bedroom from the side of the blinds and the furniture gradually take on familiar shapes. When you can see the time on the alarm clock, you know that it is time to get up.

A clip-on plastic bird arrives in a parcel of marzipan chocolates from Germany. I clip it on to the handle of the carriage clock in the hall, where it sits looking pleased with itself. No twitchers please.

I am addicted to crayons, particularly the aquarelle variety, which act like water-colours when wetted. Mine are in a wooden box, which bear the inscription Fundacio Antoni Tapies - the art gallery in Barcelona dedicated to the Catalan artist of that name; and that is where I bought them, several years ago. Today I use them to doodle Christmas card designs.


Stella said...

The mere mention of (well now that I check, you didn't say arrived "by post") the British post makes me think of Allan Ahlberg's Jolly Postman books....which reminds me to look for one for Nicholas, a new babe.

Unknown said...

The parcel was brought by a postman, but he wasn't as jolly as the contents.