Saturday, November 18, 2006

people-watching, 3-d image, old gloves

Sitting in the sun in the Pantiles, drinking coffee in the midst of the farmers' market, and people-watching.

I read in a newspaper supplement about a gadget, which projects a 3-d image in the air like a ghost. It throws the image, from a DVD or computer, onto a microscopically thin screen of "modified air" - made from a mist of minute droplets of water. Its called Heliodisplay and is said to cost in excess of £12,000. Blow on the image and it will disperse and re-form.

The dead leaves of a horse-chestnut hang from the branches of a tree like old gloves.


Rena said...

I've enjoyed stopping by your blog since I saw it mentioned in the Three Beautiful Things blog. You are a very observant person! I liked your post about the colors of fruit. And I always enjoy seeing where the bird nests are too!

Unknown said...

Apart from birds nests revealed by the falling leaves are squirrels nests. Our little park is crowded with squirrels. Thanks for visiting