Wednesday, November 01, 2006

how old did you say? soap and cigarettes, spotlight

Sometimes, I like to remind myself that the universe is supposed to be 13.8 billion years old. It puts things in perspective.

An elderly gent in Halls Bookshop is talking about World War 2. "When German soldiers were taken prisoner", he says, "they asked for soap. The English asked for cigarettes."

A group of people in the Grove stand talking in a shaft of sunlight, which picks them out, the sun being low in the sky, like a spotlight on a stage.


Sara said...

Hi Joe, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I particularly liked the post about the universe being 1.8 billion years old. I find that almost too much to imagine but I do sometimes tell myself that in 100 years everyone I know will probably be dead, even my children - this isn't a morbid thought, it just makes me realise that nothing's really worth worrying about. Except the planet, of course! which will outlive us all (hopefully). I also liked your post about Sainsbury's £10 voucher, our shopping has been late quite a few times - that's what I call a win-win situation, not only did I not have to drive to Sainsbury's and go shopping myself but they paid me £10 for being 1/2 hour late.

Unknown said...

A typing error I'm afraid. Tge universe is estimated to be 13.8million years old. Thanks for visiting