Thursday, January 21, 2010

willowherb, sounds, repaired

Posted by PicasaWillow herb. The Common in winter.
I stop for a moment in the middle of The Common. From Mount Ephraim, behind me and Mount Pleasant and the London Road in front of me, from Mount Pleasant and from the High Street in the middle distance comes the sound of traffic merged into a sullen hiss, unhurried and unbroken. Above the hiss, now and then, a human voice breaks in, sometimes piercing, sometimes soft, sometimes laughing. Now an aeroplane moans above the clouds on its way into Gatwick.
Here we are again. The photo from Picassa seems to be uploading successfully. And, what is more the text of my blog can be saved. When something goes wrong and then goes right again, it feels like a gift.


Lucy said...

There's a quotation at the back of my mind about 'all that you had thought lost is now found', and I can't think if it's a real one, or if I made it up and Google won't help... but there is something about what you've given up for lost being restored, that is such a fine feeling. I like the parable in the Bible about the woman who lost a silver coin and found it again and threw a party to celebrate, because the party might have used up the whole of the retrieved money, but so what?

I like your soundscape very much too.

Roderick Robinson said...

I fear the cyber world has a tendency to take away again that which it has just bestowed. Although that's no reason the moment of bestowal shouldn't be celebrated. Another cyber-truism: don't necessarily look for reasons. A few days ago I switched on the computer, all was working fine, I ducked out for an hour, came back and found pressing keys on the keyboard no longer caused letters to appear on the screen. This was mildly horrifying, as if I were a pianist who had suddenly lost his sense of rhythm. A new keyboard made no difference and the defect was traced to the port (ie, the socket) into which the keyboard is plugged. The solution was to use a keyboard connected by a USB plug. But why had that port decided to fail at a moment when it wasn't actually being used? "You could go mad asking that sort of Why? with computers," my repairman said.

Lucas said...

I'm glad the uploads are alright again.
In this picture I can't help seeing a sea-horse about a third of the way up on the right.

Unknown said...

L That quote seems to echo "...And all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well..." It is similarly reassuring.

BB I am glad I am not alone in receiving these computer attacks. One tends to take them personally.

Lucas I see a seahorse too.